Welcome to my new blog. Please let me introduce myself briefly.

I love motorbikes. I always did. And I always will. It all started when I was growing up. Later I also started to follow Formula 1 and some lower Formula series or World Rally Championship. But motorbikes are deep in my heart and under my skin.

That’s the reason why I’ve decided to create this blog. Only about motorbikes. MotoGP, World Superbikes, British Superbikes, even CEV.

I’m not new in the blogging world, I’ve had czech written blog for already 8 years. But I’ve decided to move on and write also in english and just create new blog just about bikes.

Motorbikes and writing, these two things are my biggest passion. It’s my life. For me it’s not only a hobby, it’s something more. But I still have to call myself as free time blogger. But it would be so cool to call myself as full time blogger, professional blogger, reporter or even journalist in the future. But of course, motorsport related. Well, let’s hope that one day I will achieve this big dream.


About Monika

I am a girl who loves motorbikes and writing. These two things are the biggest passion of my life.
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