WSBK 2016: My season review

jonathan_2When I created this blog I was thinking if I should start writing here from 2017 or if I should also look back at the motorsport season 2016 and write some reviews. Well, before season 2017 starts I think I could start with some reviews. Just to warm up this blog and also to warm up myself and my English skills.
So, first of all, there is my own review of World Superbikes season 2016.
I know that the season ended more than a month ago but I think it’s better to write something later than never.

I will write just a few sentences to each WorldSBK rider. And please notice that this post can be a little bit biased. As it is my own review I would like to share some of my opinions and thoughts here. So maybe I will defend my favourites. But I will try to be unbiased and to look at it as an neutral viewer.

1.Jonathan Rea

Jonathan won 9 races during the season. He had 2 DNFs and these were the only 2 downs for him. From the rest of the races he never finished worse than 4th. So well deserved world title

2. Tom Sykes

Tom tried to fight bravely with Jonathan. But it was Jonathan who won this battle again. But Tom’s season wasn’t bad at all. He took lots of podium finishes but Jonathan was always a step forward and in fact Tom wasn’t in the real title fight.

3. Chaz Davies

I have to admit that Chaz is my favourite rider and I would like to see him winning the world title. Season 2016 was a bit similar to 2015. He was considered as the title contender together with Rea and Sykes. But Kawasakis did something more almost always. Chaz started the season with very good results and it looked like it could be his season finally. I personally thought he could be the dark horse of the year. But Chaz somehow didn’t have his best middle of the season. That’s where he lost to his rivals a little bit. Especially these two DNFs from Misano and Laguna Seca could hurt him. But the end of the season was just phenomenal! I couldn’t believe my own eyes. He won all last 6 races of the season! That was something unbelievable. He would deserve to be a World Champion. He is still only 2nd or 3rd in the overall standings. Hopefully next season there will be another chance for him.

So Chaz finished on the 3rd place in World championship. But it was close. He could be the 2nd one. He was just 2 points behind Sykes.

If Kawasaki didn’t do the team order Davies would be 2nd in the standings. In that moment I was a bit disappointed with that Kawasaki’s move because from my point of view it wasn’t fair what they did but now I just take it how it is.

4. Michael van der Mark

Michael van der Mark showed us that we could count with him as well. Well, I’ve never doubted about his talent and in my opinion it’s just the matter of time when he is able to fight for the championship. He was “best of the rest”, which means 4th overall but with a big loss to Davies. But VD Mark had amazing start to the season with 3 consecutive podium finishes. Later during the season he added another 3 podiums.

5. Nicky Hayden

The 2006 MotoGP World Champion came to World Superbikes before the season. His first season there was quite good. Well, it was more than good. He was able to win a race in Sepang and did another 3 rostrums. He finished 5th in the overall standings just behind his team mate so not bad for him.

6. Jordi Torres

Unlike season 2015, his season 2016 was without any podium finish. The “spanish Elvis” took the 6th place in the standings with his best season result on 4th place. Which is quite a shame because I personally believed in his abilities and it would be nice to see him on the podium. So hopefully next year.

7. Davide Giugliano

Davide Giugliano was quite unlucky again with some injuries and DNFs and also DNSs. It’s a big shame for him because he is able to achieve big results. All he needs is a bit more luck and also to be more calm while racing. At least to me it seems so. He is too passionate about it and sometimes do things earlier than thinks. But that’s just my personal opinion, I don’t know him. He deserves to have better results than he had during 2016 (even though there were some podiums) and it’s a big shame that he will be missed in this paddock next season

8. Leon Camier

Leon is one of my biggest favourites so I hope I will not be very biased while writing about his season. But I think it was good season for him and MV Agusta. Before the season it looked strange, no one knew what to expect. Of course I hoped for the best for my favourite but I was very careful with any predictions for the season. But Leon did great job, P8 in the overall standings is really good. Some of the races were great for him, there were some nice results and in some cases even podium was close!

9. Xavi Forés

Xavi Forés had a decent season. Actually he did good job with his Ducati and I think that being P9 overall is good achievement for him and also for his team Barni Racing. There were some cool races and results for him with the season highlight at Lausitzring where he came as 3rd.

10. Lorenzo Savadori

I have to say something. Time ago I didn’t like him much. When he was fighting in the Superstock 1000 category for the title I just wasn’t his biggest fan. And also when he came to World Superbikes before this season I just didn’t know what to think about him. But I have to say that during the year something has changed. He is very talented rider actually. How the season was going I started to follow him more. I think it is worth to follow his career, he can surprise us. I say he is the future of World Superbikes.

11. Sylvain Guintoli

Sylvain seemed to me so invisible during the season that I even don’t know what to write about him and his season. The injury had a big impact to his season as he had to miss lots of race weekends. He had to skip 5 race weekends. And that’s a lot. But in the end of the season he was ready to fight again and took some nice results and also a podium finish in Qatar.

12. Alex Lowes

I honestly have to say that I expected something more from Alex. To be 12th in the final standings is a disappointment. But I also have to say that Alex was stopped by the injury and he had to skip one race weekend. He also had quite a lot DNFs and that caused him better result in the overall standings. But I would like to mention that Alex did an amazing job in terms of travelling and moving from one championship to another one. He was the replacement for injured Smith in MotoGP. He had one race weekend with World Superbikes, then moved to MotoGP and again. Not an easy thing!

13. Alex de Angelis

First of all I want to say that I was glad to see Alex back after his horrible crash last year. The highlight of the season for him is definitely podium finish at Lausitzring. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Yes, the weather conditions were crazy but sometimes racing is also about it. And he did good job and I personally was so happy for him. He deserved it. The rest of his results aren’t as amazing as from the German round. There are some DNFs and also one DNS but I have to say that when he finished the race it was always on points.

14. Josh Brookes

I am Josh’s fan. And I was a little bit scared about him going back to World Superbikes. Of course, I was happy he went there and I wished him all the best. But in the same time somehow I was worried about his results. And unfortunately my intuition was quite right about it. The season probably wasn’t as good as he hoped for. I didn’t expect anything for sure but I have to admit that I hoped for more than just P14 in the overall standings. He did amazing job last year in BSB so everyone was a bit expecting what could come next. Maybe with better bike he could finish higher, who knows. But he was still better than his team mate.

15. Román Ramos

Ramos didn’t take part in two race weekends. These were Imola and Sepang. But he did take part in the rest of the season and he finished all these races! And what’s more, he finished all these races on points. Good job!

16. Markus Reiterberger

Markus isn’t where he should be. He was a bit unlucky during the season. He was still fighting with some pain in his back after last year’s bad crash and serious injuries. He did have some nice results but there were also some DNFs and unfortunately another injury. I see a big talent and potential in him so hopefully he will be ready for next season and next year he will have better results which he deserves.

17. Anthony West

Anthony took part only in a part of the season but still was able to finish higher than some riders who did the whole season. From the races he attented he didn’t finish just one, in the rest of them he took some points. In some cases it was even Top 10 result. So not bad for him.

18. Karel Abraham

I am a girl from the Czech republic so the part about Karel will be probably a bit longer. Well, he finished 18th in the final standings and this is not good. He was even behind West who didn’t take part in all race weekends. Karel had lots of DNFs, mainly because of some technical problems. His best season result was 9th place. Not bad but it’s the only Top 10 finish. And Czech fans expected something more. Well, some of them were sceptical but these kind of fans are always sceptical :-D But actually from some point of view they were right. I personally also expected something more from him. I thought that his move from MotoGP is good, I thought it could be new challenge for him and I hoped that he would be the permanent member in the middle of the field.

19. Niccoló Canepa

Niccoló did just two race weekends as the replacement for injured Sylvain Guintoli. Two race weekends mean four races. And he was in Top 10 in all these races. Karel Abraham, who was racing there the whole season, took just 3 points more. Well, I don’t want to criticize my countryman but… but I just had to say it. However, Niccoló did good job and Top 10 finish in races is really good result.

20. Leon Haslam

Leon appeared in World Superbikes only for the final round in Qatar. It was nice to see him back there. And he did two good races with P11 in race one and P5 in race two.

So it’s the Top 20 in the final standings in the World Championship. But there were some more riders who appeared in the World Superbikes during the season.

Mattero Baiocco did a few rounds and was classified as 21st in the final standings. Matthieu Lagrive did one round on his home soil in France. We also could see Luca Scassa there. His best result was P11 in Germany. Lucas Mahias appeared in one round as well as Cameron Beaubier.

Dominic Schmitter did the whole season but was classified only as P27 overall. Together he collected just 5 points.

From the names which we could see at the start lists I would like to mention someone.

I would like to mention Sylvain Barrier who started the season with double P15 and unfortunately these are the only 2 points which he took. After the round 3 in Aragon he disappeared from the championship. I personally feel so sorry for him. I am his fan since he was racing in Superstock 1000 and I always believed he could be successful also in World Superbikes, in the main category. But somehow bad luck, injuries and so on still keeps around him. And that’s a shame. He would deserve to be there and to do well.

I also would like to mention Karel Pešek who took part in Jerez. It was big thing for the Pešek family because time ago his older brother Lukáš was racing there, now also Karel. The main goal for him there was to finish the races and gain some experience. And he made it as he finished both races, it wasn’t on points because it was P18 in race one and P19 in race two. But he came to the finish in both races and got some important experience. So hopefully it wasn’t his only one appearance there and we will see him racing in the future in World Superbikes or anywhere else there in the world.

Photo: World Superbikes


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