How it all started

motogp_2016_brnoThis little piece is about something from my life. It is about the thing how the ordinary girl from a town somewhere in Moravia in the Czech republic found motorbike racing and fell in love with it.

As a child I didn’t like sport. Not only sport activity itself but also sport on TV. Well, I was bad at physical education at school, I have simply never been talented. Anything we did in these lessons I was always last and the worst one. So this was the reason why I started to hate sports.

But how I was growing up I started to watch at least some kinds of sports on TV. Mainly my dad has influenced me in this.

When I was a teenager it all changed. I suddenly started to be interested in some sports. I told to myself that if I was not good at it, I would be good at least at watching it and following it and knowing lots of things about it.

I think that I knew that any motorbike racing championship exist in my childhood. But I didn’t pay attention to it in that time. Actually, my mother has been always motorbike fan. I know some cool stories from her. There are two of them I really like and remember. Her grandfather (if I remember it right) had some kind of motorbike (something like scooter I guess) and she loved to ride with him as a passenger. Her mom (my grandmom) was scared from it. In the village, where she comes from, there was some kind of road racing event and she loved to visit it. She even visited it when she was already pregnant (she was expecting me) and my father was scared and very worried about her because she wanted to be close to the road to see all properly! So now I really understand why I started to love motorbikes. I heard some sounds of bikes when I even wasn’t born! :-D

My mom did watch MotoGP on TV but I started to be interested in it when I was a teenager. I actually have no idea what race was the first one I saw or which season was the first one I followed. I didn’t follow it carefully. I just watched the race and that was all. It was in times when we didn’t have internet yet so we didn’t know anything. All I knew about it was what the commentators said during the broadcast. But during the years I started to be interested in it a lot.

Well, I slightly remember something from season 2003 (unfortunately what I remember the most is the tragic Daijiro Kato accident) but I am sure I watched MotoGP even earlier. So maybe 2002 or even 2001. So it means when I was 11 or 12 years old. So yeah, it was in my early teen age years.

These years were also very difficult for me in my school life but I will not write about it now. Maybe later. But maybe these kinds of problems and struggles were the reason why I fully started to follow something. I started to be completely into it. Actually it saved me. It helped me. Because of it I am who I am now.

I really don’t know what was the day when me and my sister decided to watch a race together with our mom. I really don’t know what was the reason. But once she was watching it and me with my sister were watching with her. I really don’t know why I was there in the living room with her in that moment. But thanks god for that moment! I think it was meant to be like that.

Step by step, slowly I was falling in love with it. Then, when we bought a computer and also got the internet, things started to change. It was much easier to follow it. I discovered that riders had their official websites, the championship had its website, I started to search for more information. I even found (for me) new championships and some websites which are about this topic.

As I said I started to follow MotoGP in 2001 or 2002. Later I also started to follow the Red Bull Rookies Cup (actually I follow this championship for talents almost from its beginning). Then I realized the World Superbikes Championship.

In the WSBK I exactly remember the first ever race I watched. It was the race 2 at Donington Park in 2007. I was watching Eurosport for something (don’t remember what exactly it was) or maybe was waiting to watch something and already switched it on and Superbikes were there so I watched it. It was the race where James Toseland didn’t finish. I remember how our commenator was shouting that the biggest favourite was out of the race. So I paid attention to it. I still remember his Ten Kate Honda in the gravel and James doing some disappointed gestures by his hands. I felt so sorry for him as commentator was still repeating that the favourite was out. It was also the day when my fangirling to James started. I became big fan of him.

Later I also read that something like British Superbikes Championship exists and also something like CEV and CIV and other national championships. But for some time I didn’t care about it. I started to follow BSB more when some of my favourites from WSBK went there. And also when I was reading articles about some Leon Camier. These articles were about that he was unstoppable there and won the championship. Well, my fangirling to Leon started in that time :-D

Firstly I followed BSB only on live timing but later I also found some live streams or some broadcasts. I really don’t know what was the first race I watched but I guess the first season I followed was the 2011, maybe I watched a little bit from it already in 2010. Time really flies so I exactly can’t say when it was.

During the years I became different person, I guess a better one. But the post where I will write about how racing and it all has influenced my life will be here somewhere later.

I also think about writing a post about how it all started with my passion for writing.

So this is just a little bit something about how I started to be interested in motorsport, specifically in motorbikes. As you can see, my family (mainly my mom) was who influenced me at first. Then I started to follow it by myself and it all was up to me if I would keep following it or if I would leave it and wouldn’t continue in watching it. I chose the first option and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life.



About Monika

I am a girl who loves motorbikes and writing. These two things are the biggest passion of my life.
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