World Supersport season 2017 has started

ausgp_wssI know that the Australian race weekend was last week but I wanted to write something about it just when I watch the race. I wasn’t watching the race live as it was too early on Sunday morning for me. Finally I’ve watched it today so I would like to write a few lines.

The first World Supersport category race did take part in Phillip Island in Australia. Patrick “PJ” Jacobsen started from pole position, Jules Cluzel and Federico Caricasulo completed the front row.

Kyle Ryde, Lucas Mahias and Alex Baldolini started from the second row. In the row number three there were Gino Rea, Roberto Rolfo and Kyle Smith.

Kyle Ryde had pretty nice start and he was even leading the race for a while. Also Jules Cluzel appeared in great shape. Alex Badolini was there as well.

Lots of action happened during the first few laps. Jacobsen had a problem with his bike and dropped many positions. Michael Canducci had to start from pits but later he came back there and retired from the race.

Alex Baldolini crashed from the first place. Pretty big misfortune for him and his team. Luckily he escaped unharmed from the crash.

Then Robin Mulhauser had quite a big highsider and there were lots of debris on the track. So the red flag came out. Good news for Mulhauser, he didn’t injure himself.

When everything was all right then the restart did happen. It was a sprint for 10 laps.

Jules Cluzel had a good start, also Federico Caricasulo and Lucas Mahias.

In lap number three PJ Jacobsen had a moment and ran off the track. He lost lots of positions and had to fight to move forward to score at least some points.

On the front a group of eight was created. Jules Cluzel, Lucas Mahias, Alex Baldolini, Federico Caricasulo, Roberto Rolfo, Niki Tuuli, Anthony West and Kyle Ryde escaped a little bit from their other rivals.

There were some big battles in the group and also riders did change their positions quite often. It was quite an interesting to see it.

Lucas Mahias went to the last lap as a leader. Roberto Rolfo followed him, then there were Federico Caricasulo and Jules Cluzel who came back after a small moment. Two corners to the finish Cluzel and Caricasulo collided. It was a nasty crash. Caricasulo escaped unharmed but unfortunately Cluzel had to go to a hospital. Later his team revealed that Jules broke his sacrum bone. He was already released from the hospital and both he and his team hope to be ready for the next round.

But the last few corners and the finish line were very interesting. Mahias and Rolfo came next to each other there and the results were under investigation then. It wasn’t sure who was the one who finished first. Official results were confirmed a few minutes later with Rolfo winning it by 0.001 over Mahias. What a start to the season!

Anthony West then finished 3rd. It was a great achievement from the home rider and also from the wildcard rider. Anthony showed us once again that he deserved to be in this category as a regular rider, not only for some wildcards.

Nice ride from Kyle Ryde and Niki Tuuli who finished 4th and 5th respectively. I personally has already said that for me these two are dark horses of the season. So we will see.

PJ Jacobsen made it at least to 6th position. Aiden Wagner was 7th, Kazuki Watanabe 8th, Nacho Calero 9th and home rider Lachlan Epis completed top 10.

Sheridan Morais, Zulfahmi Khairuddin, Alex Baldolini (who looked very competitive the whole race) and Michael Canducci took some points as well. Only 14 riders were classified at the end of the race.

I would like to come back to the CIA Landlord Insurance team as they had such a bad luck there. All their three riders had a heavy crash. Hikari Okubo crashed already on Saturday and he broke his collarbone so he couldn’t start to the race on Sunday. Robin Mulhauser and Jules Cluzel crashed during the race. Luckily Mulhauser seemed to be fine, as I already said Cluzel broke a bone in his pelvis. Really very unfortunate start of the season for the team. Let’s hope that the worst times are behind them.

The Championship Standings is of course same as the race result so Roberto Rolfo is in the lead with 25 points. MV Agusta leads the Manufacturers Standings which I guess is pretty nice for them.

Next race weekend will be in Thailand from 10th to 12th March.

Photo: World Superbikes


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  1. Nice write up, cheers from jakarta – Indonesia


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