Motosalon Prague 2017

Last week from 2nd to 5th March 2017 a motosalon event did take part in Prague. This event takes part every year but it changes its place with Brno. Last year it was in Brno, this year in Prague, next year in Brno and again and again. I visited motosalon on Saturday.

I was already last year in Brno and I couldn’t wait for this year’s event in Prague. I was really very curious about it because I could compare these two organizations and everything.

I went there with my family, who are also motorsport fans, so it was perfect afternoon and early evening for us. I am not from Prague so it was really something like a weekend trip for me.

We decided to go there in the late afternoon because we were sure that during the day there would be overcrowded. And our strategy really worked. Yes, there were people but it wasn’t that full of them and you could get close to every single motorbike or any exhibition stand.

So what could you see there?

All big bike manufacturers were there. Also some smaller ones appeared and some Czech ones. This motosalon thing is mainly for bikers, for people who ride a bike so they could buy a new clothes or helmet or anything what they needed for the new season. They also could buy a new bike or just looked at them and tried them and considered buying a one.

But the exhibitors also know that mainly at the weekend also families with children come there just to look around. Which is also my case actually. I just wanted to see the bikes because I love looking at them. For me it was like the start of the season, I started to feel the atmosphere. This place did fulfil me with lots of positive energy! I just loved it.

But finally back to the question what you could see there. Well, as I said the big bike manufacturers did show their bikes. It was mainly the bikes for ordinary users of course. But some of them also brought a special bonus there.


I really liked the Kawasaki stand. Lots of bikes there, it all was nicely done. My sister is Kawasaki lover and she could spend the whole time just going there around.

They didn’t have there only the bikes for possible customs but they also showed there the Superbike of Jonathan Rea from the World Superbike Championship. It was really amazing to see this bike.

Jonathan Rea’s WorldSBK bike

They even got the truck there! And it had lots of positive feedback from all the visitors. Great idea! It was really impressive. It reminded me of paddock and just everything and I suddenly had the urgent feeling to travel to a race because it reminded me how much I’ve been missing it.

To bring the truck there was such a great idea


Actually I expected something more from them. It’s true that I was so impressed by the Kawasaki’s stand that I almost didn’t care about the Aprilia one but from what I remember there wasn’t much to see there. But they brought there the bike of Tom Wegscheider who is the 2016 Cup Austria Champion.


BMW did have pretty nice and quite big part of the hall. They had there quite a lot of bikes and they also brought there the bike for police. They said that the equipment of the bike is same as in the police car!

BMW’s exhibition stand

The police bike

Harley- Davidson

Harley-Davidson had also quite a big part of the one of the halls there. There were lots of bikes and as I saw there were quite a big interest in it from the visitors. I have to say that I am not a big fan of this so I just took a few photos there and that was all.


Triumph showed there some bikes as well. I only took some photos and continued in walking. It’s not that I wasn’t interested in it but there were so many great things. It was hard to concentrate on it all!


Believe it or not I almost didn’t care about them. And that’s strange because I’ve always been quite a big fan of them. But of course their stand was there too.


Similar like with Yamaha. Unfortunately I even didn’t take any picture there.


The Austrian manufacturer had pretty nice exhibition there. It was mainly focused on the motocross bikes.


Something very special there! This Midalu bike is made by Czech company FGR. They say that this bike is built only from the Czech made components, that the whole bike is Czech. But there are only a few pieces of it in the world so this is the most expensive bike of the world. One costs more than 3 millions Czech crowns! For your better understanding, it’s about 111 000 Euros!

The most expensive bike


I was looking forward to this stand so much. Actually that was the main reason for me to go there. The latest Honda Fireblade was meant to be there so I was so curious to see it. And it was there! I was actually pretty happy to see it on my own eyes.

The closest bike to you is the one, the latest Fireblade!

But of course it wasn’t only about the latest Fireblade. There were lots of nice bikes. The Honda stand was quite big with quite a lot of different bikes. It was good. I liked it.

They also brought there some of the World Champions’ bikes. Tim Gajser’s motocross one was there as well as the Marc Márquez’s MotoGP one.

Marc Márquez’s MotoGP bike

Tim Gajser’s motocross bike


Together with Kawasaki and Honda this was my favourite stand. Lots of different bikes, also some scooters. It was nice exhibition which Suzuki brought there.

My sister showed me a Suzuki scooter she liked a lot. And I had to agree, it looked really great. It looked that great that even I had to try to sit on it.

This scooter was really pretty

I even tried to sit on the 125cc Suzuki bike. I have to admit that I was a bit afraid of it but I really wanted to sit on any bike. I’ve never sit on a bike before (which is strange as I am bikes lover, isn’t it?) but I wanted to try it. But I was afraid that I could destroy it there, or I could injury myself. I was also afraid that I even wouldn’t be able to get there to the saddle and it would be just an embarrassing moment.

But luckily nothing from it happened. I did try the smallest one for sure. Firstly I wasn’t sure about it but the longer I was sitting there the more comfortable I felt there. In the end I realized that it’s pretty cool. Unfortunately I didn’t try to sit on any other bike which now I consider as a big shame. Next time hopefully!

Yes, it’s me trying how it’s to sit on a bike


They had their stand next to the KTM one (if I remember it right) but I didn’t go there closer.


The Czech brand was there as well and they showed there some of the bikes from their history. Also after many years they finally made a new bike. Unfortunately I didn’t know where it was placed so I didn’t find it. Which is a shame because I really wanted to see it. Only later I read that it was in the MotoKenny stand.

These were the times when Czech brand was successful

Brno circuit

Of course, the Brno circuit stand was there as well. And exclusively they showed there the MotoGP bike of Aspar Team which will be ridden by Karel Abraham this season! For ordinary people it was the first chance to see his bike for the upcoming season. I was so excited about it.

Karel Abraham’s MotoGP bike for this season

Next to this stand there were some historical bikes, even Formula 3 car and also the sidecars. It was also something like a small teaser for the event of historical vehicles’ race which will take part in Brno exhibition grounds in summer. I definitely plan to go there! I guess it can be pretty impressive thing.

Bikes and sidecars from the past decades

Formula 3 car from 1967

There were some other factories of bikes, helmets, clothes. There also was some program for people like interviews with different people from this enviroment, or some lessons of the first aid and so on. Really lots of things were happening there. I was there only for one afternoon and my main target was to see the bikes so I know it’s not enough. I could look more around myself but I was so happy to be there that I even forgot to take more photos actually!

So this is only my personal view and review about these few hours I spent there.

Note: Maybe you’ve already seen some of the photos. I’ve already uploaded them on my Twitter and Facebook pages and I am planning to upload some of them also to my Czech written blog. And later to Instagram too.


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I am a girl who loves motorbikes and writing. These two things are the biggest passion of my life.
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3 Responses to Motosalon Prague 2017

  1. Looks like an interesting motorcycle exhibition in your Country.

    Nice write up too.

    From Jakarta-Indonesia


  2. Monika says:

    Thank you!
    Oh yes, it seems like it starts to be something like a tradition for me to go there every year :-D


  3. It would be nice, don’t miss it :)


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