MotoGP: How I see 2017 so far

This is going to be a little bit biased post. At least that’s what I think and what I plan. There are first two race weekends behind us so I would like to write who did make me happy, who did disappoint me in MotoGP. I will also probably reveal who are my favourite riders and who aren’t. This is just my own opinion and there are some of my thoughts and points of view.

Maverick Viñales did great job during the pre-season tests. But I was keeping to say to myself that it was just a test. Yes, last year I realized that I really supported him. Even in Brno GP during the Thursday’s paddock event I wanted to have a photo with him :-D And I took a photo with him. Later I even bought a t-shirt in his fan shop :-D But I’ve always been Suzuki fan somehow so that was easy for me. Now with the switch to Yamaha I wasn’t sure about how much I would support him and all.

I also was a little bit careful with some predictions although I hoped he would do well. Because I am not Rossi fan, I have some strange feelings with Márquez (sometimes I hate him, sometimes I support him :-D) and my favourites looked they wouldn’t be on top. So I really needed someone to support in the fight for victories. So I hoped Maverick would do well. And yeah, already after the race in Qatar I was sure that I chose the right rider to support. Maybe I had doubts back then in last August when I bought the t-shirt but now I am really happy that I did it :-D I can support him, take selfies in that t-shirt and post it to instagram :-D No, but seriously, I am really glad how Maverick started the season. As I said, I was careful with some predictions (although people were saying he’s going for the title this year) because I didn’t want to be disappointed then. But it’s even better than what I expected. It’s amazing way how to start the season. I really didn’t believe he could win his first ever race with Yamaha. I thought we would win this year some races but not from the very first beginning. Amazing.

By the way, Maverick reminds me Jorge Lorenzo a lot in the Yamaha colours. Everytime I see him, I remember Jorge. Is it only me?

As I already mentioned I am not a fan of Valentino Rossi. And again there is a problem for me. How can I support Yamaha? It happened to me in the past where there was Lorenzo (my other big favourite) with him. I supported Lorenzo, but not Rossi. This season I have the same. I support Maverick, but not Rossi.

But Rossi did two good races and he is second in the Championship. So we have to watch him. He can do very well this year (actually, as always). But I personally don’t think he would go for the title. In my opinion it will be Viñales vs. Márquez battle.

Marc Márquez is only 8th in the overall standing so far. The reason? He did have some tyre problems in Qatar but still finished at least as P4. In Argentina he crashed from the lead (which I predicted by the way). But I still think he’s one of the best ones there and he will start winning again and will be very serious and competitive contender.

Marc’s team mate Dani Pedrosa is somehow invisible to me in the races. But I quite support him I have to say. But he doesn’t do anything special during the races, he just starts, goes and finishes (which is important of course). Unfortunately in Argentina he crashed as well. And just it was in the moment when I started thinking that he could go for a podium finish.

I’m proud of the Yamaha Tech 3 team. I am big fan of Zarco and I also like Folger so when I read they would be team mates in MotoGP in 2017 I was really happy. I was looking forward to it and it was sure that Tech 3 would be my team number one this season.

I really don’t know why people somehow underestimate Jonas Folger. I read some negative comments about his move to MotoGP but I’ve never understood these people who said it. Why to be so negative? Everybody deserves his chance. And honestly I’ve always believed in him, I’ve always thought he’s great racer. While lots of people were talking about Rins or Zarco, I said that Jonas would be the best rookie of the year. So we will see.

Jonas did top 10 finish in both, in Qatar and in Argentina and he is 6th the Championship and he has same amount of points as Cal Crutchlow.

Johann Zarco was a bit unlucky in Qatar. I guess it was an unfortunate rookie mistake. But he did something unbelievable. He was leading the race. It was his first ever MotoGP race and he already knew how the feelings to be in the lead were. Even Márquez or Viñales didn’t do that in their debut season! Some people thought it was just a coincindence because of the weather forecast. But I was sure it wasn’t. I was sure he’s good. And he proved it in Argentina when he finished 5th. With 6th Folger it was amazing day for the team and also for me. These boys made me happy!

When I’m talking about rookies, I also mention the other two. Sam Lowes and Alex Rins. I start with Sam. Back then when he was racing in World Superbikes and took the Supersport title I was his big fan. So when he came to Moto2 I supported him but somehow he disappointed me as I expected something more. And also, Zarco was there so I prefered him. So now with the MotoGP move I didn’t know what to think. Of course, I’m glad Sam went there. But in the same time I was also a little bit confused because he replaced my MotoGP hero Stefan Bradl in Aprilia. And I felt so sorry and sad for Stefan that I couldn’t be happy for Sam. But now, it’s new chapter so I accept it. Unfortunately Sam’s performance is what I expected. But let’s hope it will improve how the season goes.

Earlier in this post I mentioned that I’ve always been a Suzuki fan. But for this season I don’t know what to do. Somehow I like Suzuki, I even don’t know why. Maybe for its beautiful blue livery? :-D I really don’t know. But I don’t like their line-up for this season. So it’s hard for me to support them. I’ve never been fan of Alex Rins (although he was born in the same day as me, not year unfortunately, so that’s a small plus for him :-D ). But I see he is great talent and he deserves the MotoGP chance for sure.

I’m also not a big fan of Andrea Iannone, Rins’s team mate. Although I have to say that last year in some races I supported him, and I was happy when he won in Austria.

I need to mention Cal Crutchlow. He did amazing job in Argentina. And actually for me it’s shame he was not second ahead of Rossi. I would like it more :-D But still, a podium finish, and that’s great.

Scott Redding is 4th in the Championship! I was really surprised to see that. But two nice results were good enough for this position. I’m glad to see him there.

I also have to praise Jack Miller. Two top 10 finishes! Very good, I am happy for him.

I don’t know what to say more. So just a two more paragraphs.

First one about Ducati. Dovizioso is an average and neutral rider for me. I don’t mind him. I have nothing to say about him. But I would like to say something about Jorge Lorenzo. As I already said, he’s my favourite rider. I’ve been supporting him for so many years already, since he was in the lower categories. That’s really many years. And I have to admit that when last year this time he announced the switch to Ducati I was somehow happy. Because he spent so many years with Yamaha and he probably needed a change. I fully understood that. But now I have to say that I expected it would be better. Well, I didn’t expected that he would keep winning from the first race of the season. But I expected the results about 5th, 6th place, in top 10 for sure. I thought he could be the competitive rival at least to his team mate. But so far there are so many problems. So probably it all needs more time than I thought. So we will see what future brings.

And I also have to mention KTM. I love them. I always support KTM team in the lower classes. And I was happy to hear they were coming to MotoGP. But my happiness ended when I read Mika Kallio wouldn’t race for them. He is my idol, I wanted him back in MotoGP and with KTM. Unfortunately. Well, I have nothing against Pol Espargaró or Bradley Smith, they are both good riders but somehow they aren’t my biggest idols (although a few years ago I was quite a big fan of Pol). When I saw the KTM’s performance in Valencia as the wild card I thought it wouldn’t be easy for them. So in Qatar I didn’t expect anything. I expected Aprilia style from a few years ago. I expected that KTM and Aprilia would fight against each other not to be last. And actually I was right about that.

Oh, and one more thing. Team Aspar. I am so proud of them! And so happy! They’ve been doing so well so far! And they have my two favourite boys there. I’ve been supporting Álvaro Bautista since he was in 125cc (and my mum loves him as well) and Karel Abraham is my countryman, I’ve always supported him. For me he’s one of the best Czech racers and he’s one of the few Czechs in sport I really support. They both had great race in Argentina. Álvaro did even P4! That’s was mega. And Karel was 10th which was mega as well. Just Czech media criticized him (as always) and for them it was a tragedy that it’s ONLY P10. Yeah he started from the front row but I really didn’t expect he could keep top 5. But I did hope for top 10 and it happened so I was happy. Just our media made a hype about him and his front row start and then when he didn’t keep his P2 from the grid they wrote like P10 was not good enough. I don’t get it. As I said P10 is mega, maybe it’s his best season result. I really don’t know why people still has a need to criticize others, to write bad things, to see the negative points of view. Why not to say something positive? Why not to say something nice? Why not to celebrate a good result?

Okay, that’s all for now from me. There is a race in USA this weekend so hopefully next week I’ll write a review about the race (and also about the Moto2 and Moto3 ones).

Photo: MotoGP


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