STK1000: Razgatlioglu takes victory in a restarted race

Another European Superstock 1000 race did take place last weekend. It all happened in the Netherlands, in Assen. Florian Marino, Toprak Razgatlioglu and Roberto Tamburini started from the front row to the race.

Local wild card rider Danny De Boer, Marco Faccani and Mike Jones were in the second row. Michael Ruben Rinaldi, Federico Sandi and Marvin Fritz started from the row number three.

When the race was started it was the poleman Florian Marino who went to the lead. Razgatlioglu, and Rinaldi followed him.

Maximilian Scheib crashed already in the first lap. Later there was huge crash where four riders were involved. These riders were Fritz, Jones, Tamubrini and Sandi. Later also Marco Faccani crashed.

The red flag was there as well as the ambulances on the scene. It was quite a long waiting but finally later in the day yesterday we got the news that Marvin Fritz was taken to the hospital immediately. He was unconscious and there was a worry about head injury. Luckily it seems like there is no serious head injury, there is nothing broken and now he is already conscious and communicates. Earlier today a new statement has been made that deeper medical assessment reported the lung contusion. If his conditions improve he will be allowed to go home soon which is very good news.

Yesterday it was also reported that Roberto Tamburini was taken to the medical center and they realized he had spine cervical sprain, contusion and also the fracture on 5th cervical vertebra. Some unofficial news (mainly some rumours on social sites) were also talking about Mike Jones being in a shock after the crash.

It was also quite a long waiting for the restart of the race. It was decided that it would be for 9 laps and with original starting grid positions. It was also the quick restart procedure.

Toprak Razgatlioglu was the one who went to the lead when the race was restarted. Rinaldi was chasing him, then De Boer and Marino were behind.

The group in the lead wasn’t changing their positions that much. It was quite a calm race.

Toprak Razgatlioglu made it from the start to the finish and he took a victory. Michael Ruben Rinaldi was second and Florian Marino third.

Danny De Boer finished 4th, Jérémy Guarnoni 5th, Ilia Mykhalchyk 6th, Maximilian Scheib 7th. Actually Scheib was the lucky one with the red flag. Because he crashed in the original race (he crashed also in the previous round so it would be double 0 for him) but he was able to go to the restart and he did quite a good job there. Sébastien Suchet was 8th, Roberto Tamburini 9th and Luca Vitali 10th.

Actually it’s quite unbelievable now to see that Tamburini went to the restart and even finished the race. Now when we know the extent of his injuries it must have been really painful for him. Personally, my mind boggles at it.

You can see the race results here.

Michael Ruben Rinaldi still leads the Championship with 45 points, Toprak Razgatlioglu is already second with 38 points. Florian Marino has 36 points and he is third. Here is full standing.

In the Manufacturers standing there is Ducati in the lead with 45 points ahead of Kawasaki (38 points) and Yamaha (36 points).

Next race weekend will be in Imola (Italy) from 12th to 14th May.

Photo: World SBK


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