WorldSSP300: Second victory in a row for Deroue

The second race weekend of the World Supersport 300 Championship did take place last week in Assen, the Netherlands. Borja Sánchez, Scott Deroue and Paolo Grassia started from the front row.

Mika Pérez, Mykyta Kalinin and Alfonso Coppola were in the row number two.

When the race was started it was Sánchez who kept his pole position and so went to the lead. Pérez was 2nd, Deroue 3rd.

There were lots of incidents since the very first beginning of the race until the end. Just a few moments after the start Kalinin and Grassia collided and crashed. Laster also Rovelli crashed.

Then Bastianelli crashed. Then Giacomini crashed.

Borja Sánchez was in the lead but later he was under investigation for cutting some turns. And then he got a penalty so that he had to drop 2 positions.

Meanwhile, the local hero Scott Deroue, racing with an injured leg, suddenly dropped to P8. But it was a big group of riders and the order was changing so quickly.

Actually to me it looked like the World Championship Moto3 race! They all were sometimes too crazy and too passionate for some overtaking moves!

Later Pérez and Schotman collided. And a moment later also Valle crashed.

It was a group of 10 and they were switching the positions often. Once they even went in five next to each other into one turn! It was pretty crazy and chaotic sometimes.

And even Ana Carrasco went to the lead for some time. She was doing amazing job in the race and fighting really hard.

In the last lap there was another collision and Licciardi and De Bruin were involved in that. They were the boys fighting in that group in the front. Licciardi had to be taken to the medical center because one of the riders behind did run over his leg. So far in the time of writing this post I haven’t heard any news about him so hopefully everything is more or less fine.

In the last lap it was Scott Deroue who went to the lead. He was one of that clever boys trying not to do crazy moves and he was waiting for the opportunity. And it was worth it.

Scott Deroue took second victory in a row so now he has the maximum of 50 points in his pocket! It was really great day for the locals as the wild card rider Glenn van Straalen finished second.

Alfonso Coppola was 3rd and Borja Sánchez, who was leading almost the whole race, had to be happy just with P4. Dorren Loureiro was 5th, Marc García 6th, Ana Carrasco 7th, Harun Cabuk 8th, Ruben Doorakkers 9th and Alex Murley completed top 10.

Here on the official website you can see the full race results.

As I already mentioned Scott Deroue has the maximum amount of points – 50 – and he is leading the Championship. Borja Sánchez is 2nd with 26 points, Alfonso Coppola is 3rd and he has 21 points. Here you can look at the complete standing.

Kawasaki is the leader in Manufacturers standing while Halcourier Racing is 1st in the Team standing.

Photo: World SBK


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