Moto3: Mir wins restarted race in France

Another Moto3 race of the season took place at Le Mans, France. Jorge Martín started from pole position, Nicolo Bulega (who originally took pole position but his lap was cancelled due to track limits) and Juanfran Guevara were next to him.

Romano Fenati, Albert Arenas and Niccolò Antonelli were in the second row. In the row number three there were Marcos Ramírez, Joan Mir and Bo Bendsneyder.

It was Jorge Martín who went to the lead when the red lights went out. But a moment later Romano Fenati did overtake him.

There was an incident in the first lap. It was a multiple crash of Adam Norrodin, Jakub Kornfeil, Tatsuki Suzuki and Lorenzo Dalla Porta.

Kornfeil and Norrodin continued then in the race. But some water was coming from Kornfeil’s bike and what’s worse, oil was coming from Norrodin’s bike.

And then it happened. Almost all riders crashed on that oil. It was heavy! The race was red flagged and then there was a lot of of waiting because the track had to be cleaned properly.

Lots of bikes were destroyed so teams were very busy to repair them (teams have only one bike for one rider). Also some riders had to go to the medical centre for check-ups. Nicolo Bulega looked to be in a big pain and he was holding his back. Also Lorenzo Dalla Porta had to go for a check-up as his crash from that first incident was very nasty. Joan Mir went to the medical centre as well as Niccolò Antonelli. The Italian got hit to his head by one of the bikes and he also had some gravel in his eye.

But all riders were declared fit to ride.

It took more than half an hour until everything was prepared. It was the quick restart procedure with original grid positions and the race was going for 16 laps.

The only one who didn’t go to the restart was Adam Norrodin (as they didn’t manage it to repair the motorbike).

When it was restarted it was Jorge Martín again who took the lead. But just a moment later Romano Fenati overtook him.

Fenati was leading it ahead of Martín, Guevara, Ramírez, Bastianini, Binder.

Niccolò Antonelli made it to P3 but already in the first lap he crashed. But he rejoined the race. Unfortunately in the end of the race he crashed once again. So there were his 3 crashes in 1 race.

In the 4th lap Jorge Martín crashed from P2. Also Albert Arenas crashed from the race.

Fenati had more than 1 second advantage ahead of Joan Mir and Darryn Binder who made it to P3. Also Ramírez, Canet, Guevara and Bastianini were there. It looked like Fenati was trying to pull away but Mir was catching him.

But in 8th lap Romano Fenati crashed from the lead! Joan Mir took the lead then.

Mir’s gap in the lead was increasing lap by lap. But there was a big battle for 2nd and 3rd position in the group behind him. The order was changing quite often there.

In the last lap Darryn Binder (currently on P3) crashed from the race.

In the end of the race there was also a collision of two Japanese riders Kaito Toba and Tatsuki Suzuki.

Joan Mir won the race with comfortable lead of 4 seconds. The battle for other two places on the rostrum went well for Aron Canet who took P2. Fabio Di Giannantonio was 3rd then.

Marcos Ramírez did another great result as he was 4th (for the 2nd time in a row). Juanfran Guevara was 5th (his best career result), Enea Bastianini 6th, local boy Jules Danilo was 7th, Andrea Migno 8th, Bo Bendsneyder 9th and Danny Kent completed Top 10. Kent isn’t the Moto2 rider anymore again. He joined the Moto3 Ajo team and he was racing with wild card in Le Mans.

Jakub Kornfeil was 11th (his first points this year), John McPhee 12th, Nakarin Atiratphuvapat 13th (his first points ever), Lorenzo Dalla Porta 14th and Marco Bezzecchi 15th.

Livio Loi, Nicolo Bulega (who was in pain probably), Manuel Pagliani, Ayumu Sasaki, María Herrera, Philipp Oettl (who came back after his injury), Tony Arbolino and Patrik Pulkkinen finished the race but without any points.

Gabriel Rodrigo broke his collarbone (yes, again) after he crashed on Friday. So he wasn’t able to continue in the race weekend.

Joan Mir leads in the Championship standings with 99 points. Second Romano Fenati has 65 points, Aron Canet is third with 63 points. Then Jorge Martín is fourth with 59 points, John McPhee has 53 points, Fabio Di Giannantonio is 2 points behind him.

Honda leads in the Constructor standings and it is quite comfortable lead as they have 125 points. Second is KTM with 60 points, Peugeot has 5 points and Mahindra has 4 points.

Next race weekend will be in 2 weeks in Italy, Mugello.

Photo: MotoGP


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