WorldSSP: Sofuoğlu wins 3rd race in a row

The fourth race weekend of the World Superport Championship took place in the United Kingdom, at the Donington Park circuit. Kenan Sofuoğlu started from pole position as Lucas Mahias and Jules Cluzel did complete him in the front row.

The Triumph duo Luke Stapleford and Jack Kennedy were in the second row as well as PJ Jacobsen. Wild card rider Joe Francis, Kyle Smith and Gino Rea started from the third row.

Race started and it was Sofuoğlu who took the lead. Jules Cluzel was behind him on 2nd place, Stapleford kept 3rd position.

But in the lap 3 Xavier Cardelus García did crash and there was oil on track. Well, official statement says it was a crash but according to the TV pictures during the broadcast it looked like he just went off track when he realized the oil was leaking.

But the track had to be cleaned so there was a red flag.

Then it was the quick restart procedure with original grid positions. The race was for 13 laps. Unfortunately it all was already not only without Cardelus García but also without Jacobsen as at his bike some engine problems appeared and he didn’t make it to the restart.

It was Sofuoğlu who took the lead again when the race was restarted. Luke Stapleford went to second place, Mahias was third. Close behind him there was Cluzel who overtook him later. A few laps later Cluzel overtook also Stapleford for P2.

Federico Caricasulo crashed from the leading group already during the lap 1. The Italian wasn’t able to continue in the race.

In the lead Sofuoğlu was increasing his gap. Jules Cluzel was going 2nd, Lucas Mahias was 3rd. Luke Stapleford was on 4th position but his team mate Jack Kennedy was coming closer and closer and then it was a battle for P4 between these two. Jack Kennedy even made it ahead of Stapleford but his countryman overtook him back.

Two laps to go Alessandro Zaccone did crash, later also Christian Gamarino had a crash.

It was a battle for 2nd position between Mahias and Cluzel and also a battle for 4th position between Stapleford and Kennedy.

Kenan Sofuoğlu made his own race and won with quite a comfortable lead of almost 2 and a half seconds. He won his 3rd race in a row this season already.

Lucas Mahias took the 2nd position and Jules Cluzel was 3rd.

Luke Stapleford finished 4th, Jack Kennedy 5th. Sheridan Morais was 6th, Anthony West 7th, Kyle Smith 8th, Hikari Okubo 9th and wild card rider Joe Francis completed top 10.

Kyle Ryde was 11th, Gino Rea finished on 12th place, Hannes Soomer was 13th (he was the best ESS rider), Roberto Rolfo was 14th and Kazuki Watanabe scored 1 point for P15.

Lucas Mahias keeps the Championship lead, he has 105 points. Kenan Sofuoğlu has 75 points, Sheridan Morais has 68 points. Jules Cluzel and PJ Jacobsen have both 55 points.

In the Manufacturers standing there is Yamaha in the lead with 130 points. Kawasaki is 2nd with 112 points, MV Agusta is 3rd with 77 points. Honda has 75 points and Triumph has 31 points.

Next race weekend will be in Italy, Misano from 16th to 18th June.

P.S. I am sorry for not publishing the review of the previous race but I was busy in that time and somehow didn’t make it unfortunately.

Photo: World SBK


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