WorldSSP300: Coppola takes victory at Donington Park

Fourth race weekend of the World Supersport 300 was in the United Kingdom, at Donington Park. The Italian rider Alfonso Coppola started from pole position, Borja Sánchez and Mika Pérez were on the front row next to him.

Chris Taylor, Dorren Loureiro and Marc García started from the second row while Paolo Grassia, Scott Deroue and Giuseppe De Gruttola were in the third row.

When the race started it was Mika Pérez who took the lead. Marc García, Alfonso Coppola and Borja Sánchez were behind him. Also Mykyta Kalinin made a great start from P12 and was already there behind them.

In the 3rd lap Mykyta Kalinin crashed from the 4th place.

Then a group of 3 was at the front of the field. There were Pérez who lead most of the race, Coppola and García. Behind them there was another group fighting for their positions.

In the 6th lap Borja Sánchez crashed. He re-joined the race but was far away from points.

At the front there was quite a good battle among Pérez, Coppola and García. Well, mainly between Coppola and Pérez but García also made it to the lead for a while.

In the last lap it was Coppola who overtook Pérez for P1 but the next corner Pérez took the lead back. Then 2 corners to go Coppola tried it again and he was successful.

Alfonso Coppola won the race for the first time. Mika Pérez was 2nd and Marc García 3rd. In 4 races there are 3 different winners.

Scott Deroue led the other group so he finished 4th. Armando Pontone was 5th, Robert Schotman 6th, Paolo Giacomini 7th, Ali Adriansyah Rusmiputro 8th, Daniel Valle 9th and Ana Carrasco completed top 10.

Also Alex Murley, Paolo Grassia, Dorren Loureiro, Filippo Rovelli and Giuseppe De Gruttola took some points.

Scott Deroue keeps the Championship lead but now only 2 points ahead of Alfonso Coppola. Marc García is 3rd and he is 17 points behind Deroue. Fourth Pérez loses 26 points on first place.

Yamaha is first in the Manufacturers standing with 86 points. Kawasaki has 71 points and Honda 62 points.

Next race weekend will be in Misano, Italy, from 16th to 18th June.

P.S. I am sorry for not publishing the review of the previous race but I was busy in that time and somehow didn’t make it unfortunately.

Photo: World SBK


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