Czech GP 2017: Friday & Saturday

In the previous post I was talking about my experience from this year’s MotoGP Czech GP paddock / pit walk event. I was talking about how I loved the place and so on. Now it’s time to summarize the whole race weekend from Friday until Sunday. Every day of the race weekend was different so here are my memories on this amazing time in my life. In this post you can read about how I enjoyed Friday and Saturday around the circuit.


It was raining on Friday morning which wasn’t good news for us. We had some issues to solve in the city centre so we went to the circuit when FP1s of all 3 main categories (Moto3, Moto2, MotoGP) were over. It was still raining and we had some problems with the parking as the organizators showed us to go to park somewhere else. We had the T4 grandstand tickets and it was pretty challenging to get there. We were walking about 45 minutes until we finally saw we were there. It was raining and it was quite sultry weather, so nothing amazing.

During the time we were going to the track we heard the sound of the bikes (it was Moto2 FP1) so this made us happy already. When we came to our grandstand the practice was already over but some ADAC practices and also the Red Bull Rookes Cup FP1 were scheduled so it was always pretty busy on the track! At least we still had something to follow.

We’ve never been to this grandstand before. So it was completely new experience for us and I have to say that I really liked it there. You could sit on your seat or you could go down under the grandstand and sit down on the grass. Well, in that kind of rain the best option was to stand under the grandstand with your umbrella or raincoat. Also, everything you needed was there, some stands with food, toilets, further there in the direction to Grandstand D there were also some merchandise stands. So it was good place. Also the view on the track was pretty nice. For me personally it’s very important to have good view on the track, I want to see as much as possible. Also there was TV screen in front of the grandstand so it was nice.

Part of our view

Luckily it stopped raining in the break before FP2s. Before the free practices number 2 started we decided to go to look around the merchandise stands. We had planned it already before that on Friday we would do some shopping. So, we all bought something as we wanted and we all were pretty satisfied with it. Well, I had wanted to buy the Tech 3 T-shirt. There were some with the Monster logo but I just wanted the one with Tech 3 written with big letters to let everybody know I am fan of this team :-D I really like them especially this year when Jonas Folger and Johann Zarco are the riders there, they are amazing. And they will be in the team also next season!

While we were shopping, the Moto3 FP2 already started. So I tried to take some photos and also was trying to look how my dear Ajo boys were doing. The track was still wet but luckily it was drying.

Is it clear that I support the Ajo team, right?

Later we came to our seats to follow the rest of FP2 and then we were watching MotoGP FP2. The track was drying. Weather was improving which was pretty good to know. But it wasn’t cold, it was quite sultry and warm. Well, I tried to take as many photos as possible. I love taking photos! Especially I love taking photos of the bikes, riders, track. Well, I am still quite an amateur and I have just and ordinary camera but I have to say that I am proud of some of the photos.

Well, then Moto2 FP2 started and I was really looking forward to it. This year I have so many favourite riders in this category! And after meeting some of them on Thursday I was looking forward to it even more. It was already quite warm and dry so we came down to sit on the grass. I was closer to the track and I was happy. During the FP2 Pecco Bagnaia went into the lead for a while, I was happy about it so I started to shout and clap my hands. Next to us there was some Italian photographer and he started to clap too so it was nice.

The proof that Francesco was leading during Moto2 FP2

As we were going back to the car park it was pretty challenging because we tried to go in some shortcut as others but it was through some forest and there was mud (from the morning rain) and I wasn’t happy about it at all. But the true is that we were pretty early at the car park, well for sure earlier than if we went the way like in the morning.

There were some checks at the entrance and I have some funny memories on some of it but I think I don’t have to write about everything here :-D


Saturday was just amazing. It was sunny and warm, blue sky. I was so happy. We parked our car as we were used from before so it was good. At the entrance there was such a long queue that I was very surprised about it.

In that long queue I saw Finns. So happy me! :-D They all had the Niki Tuuli T-shirts and I was looking at it amazed. Niki Tuuli is the World Supersport rider so I was surprised someone had his T-shirt at MotoGP. But it was so amazing and I secretly looked at these Finns :-D

We hoped to be at the circuit for MotoGP FP3 as it’s the Q1 / Q2 decider but we got stuck in that queue and then when we got to our grandstand the practice was over and I had no idea how it finished. So I didn’t know who went straight to Q2 and who had to do Q1.

We took our seats just for FP3 of Moto2 so happy me. But it was so sunny and hot so I had to protect myself somehow. Suncream of course, sunglasses, cap. But also I tried to protect my not tanned legs by putting my cloth bag on them :-D The practice was good, I was happy to be able to take some more photos. And I was happy to see Franco Morbidelli in the Brazilian colours! He is the best one for me and already some time ago he announced he would race in the suit in Brazilian colours to celebrate his Brazilian roots. I was looking forward to see it on my own eyes. Now, later, I am still so proud and grateful that it happened here, in my country, in front of my eyes. Amazing.

After some time for food we started to concentrate on the qualifyings. We went down to sit to the grass with also our umbrellas above us to protect us from the sun. It was amazing sunny and warm day and I was so excited for all the qualifying sessions.

I also took my Finnish flag out of my backpack so I was ready to support Patrik Pulkkinen and also the Ajo team. I know Ajo team doesn’t have any Finnish rider but the team is Finnish so it was just symbolic (but very important) meaning for me.

Exactly in front of us John McPhee crashed and later also Andrea Migno had a crash. But there were lots of riders struggling in that turn.

A crash of John McPhee

Gabriel Rodrigo was the surprising winner of the qualification. And even he crashed at the beginning of the session, then spent a lot of time in his garage, then went to the track, did that one lap and boom! Pole position! Well, as I like him quite a lot I was so happy for him and so proud that his first ever pole position came in front of my eyes. His team mate Juanfran Guevara qualified also to the front row so it was all amazing. I was quite happy as my Ajo boys did quite a good job and also Patrik Pulkkinen did good job as he wasn’t last.

Then MotoGP FP4 was on the program so time for me to take some more photos. I planned to take some photos during the FP4 so I could concentrate on the qualifying battle later. In this FP4 Andrea Iannone crashed in front of us.

After this practice a car from the race direction came to the turn we had view at and where some incidents and crashes happened in Moto3. So they were checking the kerb there. And one of the people there was Loris Capirossi. When he got off the car the crowds there at the grandstands started to cheer and clap so Loris started to wave.

So Q1 started and as I realized Jonas Folger was there. Also Jack Miller had to go this part of qualifying so for me and my sister it was clear who we were supporting. In addition I was wearing the Tech 3 T-shirt on that day so I really hoped I would bring good luck to them :-D Well, Jonas didn’t make it to Q2 which I was a bit sad about. Danilo Petrucci and Álvaro Bautista were the duo going to Q2.

Well, Q2 was pretty interesting and exciting. In the end it was Marc Márquez who took pole position and Valentino Rossi and Dani Pedrosa qualified to the front row next to him. Well, for me as Maverick Viñales’ fan it was a bit strange as he qualified only as P7. Well, in that moment I wasn’t disappointed nor sad. I guess that if I would be at home and watching it on TV I would be disappointed probably. But I was there at the circuit and I just was absorbing all the atmosphere there so no time for being sad. And in addition, in their celebrating lap after the qualifying session I was waving to Maverick when he went around our grandstand. He started to wave too so happy me :-D


Later Moto2 qualifying started. Well, Remy Gardner crashed just in front of us so not that good for me as I supported him. But the qualifying itself was quite good and then I was very happy how it ended because Mattia Pasini, Miguel Oliveira and Franco Morbidelli qualified to the front row. All 3 are the riders I really like so it was great for me. I was also waving at some of my favourites during their celebrating lap, especially I wanted to wave at Franco. He was waving back so for the second time of the day happy me :-D

Franco in Brazilian colours

As usual on Brno GP Saturdays we stayed there at the circuit for the Red Bull Rookies Cup race. Unfortunately no Peetu Paavilainen for me as he had an accident before Brno GP weekend so he couldn’t come. And I was pretty sad about it. But another my favourite was there – Aleix Viu who has been also the title contender. The race was cool and it was Can Öncü who won. Our Czech boy Filip Salač hoped for a comeback after very serious leg injury, he did a few laps but then retired from the race because it still was quite impossible for him to ride. But hats off to his fighting spirit!

Saturday at the circuit – sunny, warm, everything was amazing

I just would like to mention that we were coming back from the circuit, around the main entrance and suddenly Remy Gardner came around us on his scooter. I was so happy to see him as I didn’t meet him on Thursday during the paddock event.
Me (with happy sound of my voice): “Yay Remy! It was Remy Gardner!”
My sister: “Hm… but he crashed just in front of us during the qualifying.”
Me (with saddened voice): “Hm.. yeah…”

That’s all about my Friday’s and Saturday’s experience and about my feelings. In the upcoming post I will write about everything what happend on Sunday – race day!


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