Czech GP 2017: Race day

I know it’s been already more than a month since Czech GP 2017 happened but I have been a little bit busy since then. So finally now it’s the time to publish my memories on the race day – Sunday. The whole post is just about how I felt it, what I felt, how it was from my point of view.

The weather forecast for Sunday wasn’t the best one. And unfortunately the weather forecast was right. Well, many times it happens that the weather forecast is wrong and just one day I need it to be wrong it’s right.

So yeah, it was cold and cloudy, later it started to rain, luckily not that heavily like in 2016. But still I was quite grumpy because of it.

We were afraid of the traffic (as in 2016 it was full of chaos and we got stuck in the traffic in heavy rain for 3 hours!) so we left our accommodation even earlier than we usually did. So at 7 am we were already on our way to the track. How surprised we were that no traffic! Really strange. Everything was without any problem and actually already around 7:30 am we were already there! There were even lots of time left until the start of morning’s warm ups. But it was pretty good that we had time to go to our seats and so on. But it was quite cold and I was cold. And it was a little bit rainy. So not nice. I also had some bittersweet feelings. The positive ones: race day! The negative ones: last day here!

When we came through the entrance checking and we continued to our grandstand it was just the time when members of the teams were coming to the track and parking their cars there. So for sure we were looking around us carefully in case we could see and meet somebody famous. And actually we were a bit lucky to see Paolo Simoncelli. Later we also saw Niklas Ajo on a scooter and there were 2 more people with him on the scooter :-D There were some girl and a blonde boy who I guess could be Patrik Pulkkinen but in that short moment it was pretty hard to recognize. But I was happy to see Niklas again.

Early Sunday morning

We were watching the warm up sessions, I tried to take some photos. It was cold, damp and slowly it started to rain. It was raining more and more. When all the warm ups were finished I decided to buy some food so I could concentrate on the races then later. It was also time to take some selfies :-D We had to have some memories on the day as we were pretty interesting group. Me in the MV25 T-shirt, my sister in the JL99 T-shirt and her boyfriend in the VR46 T-shirt.

At 10:20 the one minute of silence for Ángel Nieto was planned (On Thursday he succumbed to the injuries from the accident which happened earlier in the month). It was terrible. TV screens around the circuit were showing it how riders and teams were on the finish line with the “Gracias Maestro” banner. When the one minute of silence started, everybody there was really in silent. And then big applause everywhere. I had goose bumps and a feeling that I could start to cry. Really, tears were coming to my eyes. He was one of the biggest motorbike legends and I had admired him a lot. From the racing people he was the one I admired a lot and suddenly I was at the track having one minute of silence for him. It was strange and very sad moment for me. And even the weather didn’t help it as it was rainy and cloudy. Well, later ever MotoGP riders said that it was raining because Brno was crying for Ángel :-(

The grandstands started to be pretty full how time was going

Well, then we had some time to calm down and prepare for races. It stopped raining so I was happy about it. The closer the Moto3 race start was the more nervous I was. I had there my Ajo boys and I really wanted them to do so well. I also took my Finnish flag out of my bag. Well, Bo Bendsneyder had great start and he was in the leading group! He was even in the first position part of the race. You cannot imagine what it meant for me. Bo was leading the race and I was there at the circuit and saw it on my own eyes. Everytime he came around our grandstand I was shouting and clapping. I was so proud of him. I even can’t describe it by words. Well, the battle there was quite good and big and when I saw Fenati and Canet coming I started to think that these two could be on the podium. Also Joan Mir was doing great job, as usual. In the end it was another victory for Mir which made me happy. Romano Fenati was 2nd and Aron Canet 3rd. For Bo it was P4 and it was his best season result! Yeah, maybe a bit shame that he didn’t make it to the podium but I was so proud of him.

Unfortunately Niccolò Antonelli had a bad and very unfortunate race. It hurt me so much to see him losing one position by another. In the end it was P24 which was really sad. I felt so sorry for him and I was also quite desperate because you have no idea how much I would wish him great results, he would deserve it so much. So it was quite difficult and bittersweet Moto3 race for me. I was so happy for Bo but so sad for Nicco.

Patrik Pulkkinen finished last as I had predicted. But during the race it looked pretty promissing. My sister was surprised when I said I thought he would be last. Well, I was right, unfortunately. But good thing was that he finished it.

Then Moto2 race was coming. I started to be very nervous because I wanted Franco Morbidelli on the podium here so much. It wasn’t raining so we came to our seats (we were watching Moto3 race from the grass under the grandstand which was amazing for me as I was closer to the track). Everything started quite well, Pasini had good start but Franco and also Francesco Bagnaia were coming. Happy and also very nervous me. But then it started… one drop of rain, another one… lap number seven and… red flag! I was pretty disillusioned by it. And until nowadays I still wonder why they said the race would be dry. Moto3 was going as wet race so I really didn’t understand the decision for a dry one for Moto2. So we were waiting and in the meantime we came under the grandstand again as it started to rain and it was pretty tricky to manipulate with the umbrella with so many people around.

Red flag during Moto2 race

Dominique Aegerter and Sandro Cortese weren’t allowed to go to the restart – very sad me and my sister.

Well, the race was restarted and some not nice things from my point of view started to happen. Franco had somehow bad race and it was Lüthi, his main rival in the title battle, who took the lead. He won the race in the start – finish style and I was disappointed like never before. Already a week before Brno GP I said that I was so afraid that Lüthi could win the GP because he has been always doing well here and also because I didn’t like him. Well, sure, I respect all the riders but you, who support someone and don’t like someone else, understand my feelings. At least I hope so. Alex Márquez was 2nd in the race and Miguel Oliveira was 3rd so at least a little reason to be happy for me. But Franco was only P8 and from my and the Championship point of view it wasn’t the best thing.

But Luca Marini was amazing as he finished 4th and also good job from Pecco Bagnaia who was 7th. During the race Mattia Pasini crashed and it was only humming around us as there were quite a lot of Italians.

After the big disappointment I hoped that MotoGP race would make me happier a bit. Well, the race was declared wet and it was a thing I didn’t expect at all. It wasn’t raining at all, there was dry line visible and they declared it as wet race! I was a little bit angry about that decision to be honest. I thought they did it just to bring bigger show. Before it they declared the Moto2 race as dry (although the track was pretty wet) and for MotoGP when the track was dry they said it could be wet race. I really didn’t understand that decision and I was so desillusioned by it. So the race even didn’t start and I was already so annoyed.

Before MotoGP race start


The race direction probably wanted to see another flag-to-flag race or I don’t know but I really didn’t understand the decision and actually I don’t understand it until now. Well, when the race started it was Jorge Lorenzo who went into the lead. I said to my sister that she should enjoy it as it probably would not last for a long time.

Already in the lap 2 Marc Márquez, who was on P2 in that time, came to his pits to change bikes for the one with tyres to dry conditions. My sister was surprised why so early but I told her that we should not underestimate Marc’s strategy and that he is going to win the whole thing. It was lap 2 and I already predicted the winner and I was disappointed with how the race was going.

Well, later all the riders came to pits to change the bikes and it was pretty chaotic in some cases. Brno GP was the reason to change the flag-to-flag race system later.

Well, it was pretty crazy so I was waiting for everybody visiting the box so the current order somehow settles down. As I thought it was Marc who was in the lead and it was pretty big lead. But Maverick was doing great job! Well, after he was in the pits he was around P13 so I hoped he could overtake some of the rivals. But he was going really great and finally it was some impulse for me to start enjoying the race. His ride was mega and everytime he was going around our grandstand I was there jumping and shouting “Maverick! Maverick!” Even my sister was supporting him with me which made me very surprised. Actually I think I was the only one supporting my favourite there. Lots of people were just sitting or standing. But I was still jumping there, clapping my hands and shouting his name. And actually it’s the only thing I remember about the race :-D

At the end of the race Rossi was coming closer and closer to Maverick so I started to be nervous from it as Maverick was already P3. I counted down the laps and kept my fingers crossed, and yeah, I was still shouting and jumping and so on…

Marc Márquez won the race quite easily actually, Dani Pedrosa was 2nd so double for Repsol Honda team. Maverick finished 3rd so I was very happy and proud and also so proud to wear the MV25 T-shirt.

Valentino Rossi finished 4th and his fans were somehow very silent and silently left the track.

Karel Abraham’s fanclub

When we were coming from the track very heavy rain started to fall. It was pretty tricky to manipulate with umbrellas when lots of people were around. And it was pretty difficult also around the tunnel at the main entrance where it was overcrowded as usual.

Red Bull Rookies Cup race 2 of the weekend was scheduled then but we didn’t stay there. But well, I guess in that heavy rain it was pretty hard for the boys and the girl there.

I love it all so much but to have rainy race weekend for 2 years in a row isn’t fun at all. As I said I love it, it’s my biggest passion so I would be there at the track in the heavy rain, thunderstorm… whatever. But you simply don’t enjoy it as much as you do when it’s sunny and dry.

I probably will start to pray or something for the whole dry race weekend for next year. Because it’s been already too much for me. I know that all important things in my life usually happens when it’s raining so I take it as a sign but still…

We had 2 crazy MotoGP races in a row and I think it’s time to have a “normal” dry race. Just same conditions for everybody, no big drama. Please.

Not only on Sunday but during the whole race weekend I had lots of various emotions and feelings and yes, not everytime these feelings were positive. But it indicates how much I do love it and how much I do care about it all.

And then when it all was over and I was sitting in the train on my way back to my hometown I was so sad. Coming back home from Grand Prix weekend is the saddest feeling. Already the next day I was missing it all so much, the post race weekend crisis came to me in its full power. And to be honest, I still think about how it was there and I miss it all. I miss meeting the riders, people from teams, other fans. I miss being there in the paddock, being around the circuit. I miss the atmosphere. I just can’t fully explain it by words how I miss it, why I miss it and what I miss the most about it. You, who visits GP, probably can understand how I meant it.

Next year in August I will be back there for sure. There is no doubt about it. But the idea of one year waiting is always not so nice. So I’m thinking about visiting more race weekends next year, not only MotoGP, I would love to visit World Superbikes too. I need to properly think about everything. Time will tell what future brings.


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