MotoGP: Argentina GP 2018 – my comment

I’ve been writing something about the Argentina GP for my Czech blog and then when I was thinking about it I realized that I could write something about that also here so the people who doesn’t understand Czech language also could read it.

As you know lots of things happened during this GP and I would like to express my own opinion on the whole thing. It’s just my own opinion, my own thoughts and I’m honest, as usual.

Let’s begin this blog post with the starting grid procedure. From some point of view I understand what happened there on Sunday, from another one I don’t understand it. It’s not for the first time that some riders decided to enter the pit lane and there were just a few of them on the grid. I remember a few years ago that some riders entered the pit lane just after the warm up lap and then they all started from the pit lane. So from that point of view I don’t understand the madness as it was not the first time something like that happened.

But I also understand it from the safety reason. Can you imagine 23 riders starting from the pit lane together? It would be a big crazy thing. Honestly, this idea scared me quite a lot.

So the solution how the Race Direction did it was somehow clever and inventive :-D They just gave all those riders a penalty so they all were moved to the end of the grid. How to do it? It’s simple. They moved them some rows behind the poleman. I think that never before I’ve seen anything like this and I guess that I will not see anything like this in the next couple of years. But honestly, it was such a nice view on Jack sitting on the pole position and nobody else behind him for about four rows.

Well, I continue with the Márquez and later also Rossi thing. I need to write about it firstly so that later it will be finally behind me I will be able to concentrate on writing about the ones I care the most :-D

On social sites I’ve already written quite a lot about this topic (in Czech and also English) so I will just repeat what I’ve already said.

In my opinion the first big mistake was already on the starting grid. If Marc started from pit lane maybe he would be more calm and not so crazy on track. Well, who knows. But he would be without one kind of penalty, that’s for sure. I myself don’t know what to say about it. Marc defends himself that one of the marshals told him to come back to his starting place. Well, I think that after the delayed start and all with the grid there were lots of confused people and probably Marc himself was confused as well. And probably the marshals were confused too. I don’t understand why, if Marc was supposed to go back to the pit lane, they just didn’t come to him and didn’t push him to pit lane. They let him to keep his place on the starting grid.

After the ride through penalty Marc was going like crazy, like without all his senses. Sure, we probably can’t be too surprised about that, he had to come back from the back of the field and that was not an easy task to do. I just think he lost his concentration and just went even more crazy that what he usually does. I do not want to judge him, I do not want to defend him, I do not want to criticize him because I was not in that situation, in that moment there. I was just sitting at home and watching the race so then it’s easy for everybody to write the comments and judgements.

Yes, the manoeuvre on Aleix Espargaró was excessive, he tried to move somewhere where was not enough space. Nevertheless he was like about two seconds per one lap faster than Aleix so it was just the matter of time to pass him. He just needed to be more patient. I guess that in the next turn he would overtake him without any problem and without any penalty. But I see, in the moment when you have to go through a penalty and you are at the end of the field you just want to go back as fast as possible so you see just black (or red?) in front of your eyes. Also the adrenaline and the excitement of racing is working on its full. Jesus, it looks like I defend Marc :-D And you know what? Actually, from some point of view, yes. Because I don’t understand all the brutal critics towards him. We’ve already seen lots of manoeuvres like this and I think we will see plenty of similar things in the future too.

After the race Aleix himself said that it was very aggressive move from Marc but that it was so so and that Petrucci attacted him during the race too and that manoeuvre was far worse that the one from Marc. Aleix also stated that if Marc got a penalty, why not also Danilo. I think that the problem was that this Aleix / Danilo move was not on TV so people can’t talk about it now. But the Race Direction does have all the pictures from the whole race, doesn’t it?

Well, let’s move to the thing with Rossi. I really don’t get what people see on it that they keep talking about it. I think that it’s exaggerated. Sure, the reason is because it’s going about Marc and Valentino. I see. In every era there is any kind of rivalry that people keep talking about. But I don’t understand why after that kind of a move. Yes, it was aggressive, Marc was like crazy but I did not see anything that horrible to make people talking about it. I think that the Marc / Aleix overtake was much worse than the one with Rossi.

And now also about the accusation. Marc went to Rossi’s box to say sorry. He did refuse it. Uccio was pretty furious. Well, he is strange, I myself do not like this person but that time he behaved even more strange. Later Rossi said to the media that he didn’t accept the apology and that will not accept it later either. More or less he laughed off it which seemed to me quite poor and sad. Vale accused Marc that he did not come to him just alone but that people from his crew and team came with him as well. And what? But they did it, they went to him, if the apology was Marc’s idea or not doesn’t matter, he did that step and tried. I understand that Rossi was under the emotions and that he was angry about the situation but that did not seem to me as very correct behaviour. But I know, people are different. For example I am that forgiving type of person so even if I was deadly angry about something and somebody and I hated him I would let him to come with an explanation or apology. I could think whatever about it but I would accept it. That’s fair play.

Rossi accusated Marc from destroying this sport and he said that Marc did it on purpose that he went and on purpose crashed into others. When I saw Rossi’s face while talking about that and saw he meant it absolutely seriously I was scared. These are very strong accusations, does he realize it? I have to say that Rossi disappointed me with this. I still (maybe I am naive) hope that he did say it just becasue he was under all the emotions. I’ve always liked listening to Rossi as he is very experienced rider and person so I’ve always liked his ideas, thought, comments but after this comment I am disappointed about him. In the same time I am saddened to say it because I admire Rossi so much for how he takes care about the boys in Italy, how he created the academy for the riders and everything.

Did Marc Márquez get the penalty after the race for the contact with Rossi or just for all his manoeuvres and irresponsible riding in general? I somehow didn’t get it.

And what I also somehow didn’t get it was if the race was declared wet or dry. Originally it was declared wet but then they all switched their bikes, also the white flag was waving there so it still was considered as a wet race?

Poor Cal. Most of the journalists and people from media have been talking about Márquez, alternatively about Rossi. But halo, Cal won the race! Is there even anybody who appreciate it? At the post race press conference Cal himself asked where all the media were, that there were three riders who fought and finished on the podium. And almost nobody cared. I really did like Cal’s opinion and agreed with it.

Cal, Johann, Jack and Alex Rins made a great race. They all were amazing and after the penalty for Márquez I was sure that if someone from these four could win, then it’s Cal. Well, already on Sunday morning ahead of the race I guessed Cal for the podium so I was not wrong about it. He usually wins crazy races :-D Well, for a while I had doubts when Johann came to the lead. I told to myself “maybe finally him”? But in the end it was P2 for him and it was also very great. I have a feeling that he is going to win a race this season (imagine it in Le Mans, that would be something big).

Back to Cal for a while. Because that victory means 750 wins for Honda. That’s impressive number.

Alex Rins was doing very well, the whole weekend was great for him. I was a little bit surprised but not that much because already ahead of the season I had said that Suzuki would improve a lot and they would finish on the podium a few times. So first podium is here and it’s the premier podium for Alex. I am really happy for him, who would guess that a few years ago.

So it was just P4 for Jack which was a big shame somehow but it’s still very good result and he did really great race. It was great to see him on top together with the other three guys. There were three independent team’s riders and one from the factory. Did you notice how amazing it was to see?

I am so proud of Jack. The qualification lap he did was just amazing. The track was half wet, half dry and he was on slicks. Well, it’s better for you not to know how I celebrated his pole position :-D But as I said, after all the circumstances it’s a little bit shame that he was P4 but it was close to the podium and it was good result. Who knows, the season is long so maybe there will be another crazy race soon where Jack will have his chances. But honestly, I would love to see him doing well not only in crazy races but everytime. And also, part of the race I hoped for Cal and Jack being together on the podium. Maybe you don’t follow it that much, but note that Jack and Cal are quite close to each other, they are friends, spend time together, train together. They also have similar sense of humour so to see them together on the rostrum would be everything. I think I have new big wish for this season :-D

Everybody still keep saying Rossi and Márquez and that and this but have you ever noticed that Maverick finished P5? From the “paper favourites” he was the best one. It gives me a hope :-D But well, after this race I have started to think that the biggest title favourites are Viñales and Dovizioso. Because two are battling, the other two are smiling. Maybe it’s too brave from me to think it. Yamaha is not in the best shape but you never know what happens during the whole season. Yes, Maverick took a victory last year in Argentina so maybe you could expect him doing well but not in that kind of conditions as there were last Sunday. When the race started I even didn’t follow him that much as usual because I was afraid he would do a bad race as there weren’t good conditions for him. But he was doing so well! He was going forward and suddenly I saw P5. If something did make me happy in the race, then it’s this. I’m so proud. After the race I was celebrating a lot.

Andrea Dovizioso finished 6th and it’s for him good at this track. He had some problems for the whole weekend, he even had to fight to be able to go to Q2. But he had said it already ahead of the weekend that the track haven’t been very good for him and Ducati. So P6 is very good. And even, finally after two years nobody crashed into him. Before the race weekend I said that if nobody would crash into Dovi, then he takes the title at the end of the season. So we will see :-D

Tito Rabat had such an amazing weekend. And I think nobody realizes this and nobody appreciates it. He was good during the free practices, he qualified to the second row and then finished seventh in the race. It’s his best ever result in MotoGP. I need to compliment him.

Andrea Iannone on P8 just emphasized great weekend for Suzuki, 9th Hafizh Syahrin emphasized great weekend for Tech 3 Yamaha. His result is wonderful and I feel like almost no one appreciates it. He was the best rookie in the race and he just did so well. It’s not that long time ago that Hafizh thought about himself that he would continue as Moto2 rider this year. The more impressive his ride was.

What I also would like to mention is that Franco Morbidelli took a few points and Takaaki Nakagami took his first ever MotoGP points.

I can’t forget to mention Jorge Lorenzo. Somehow it’s still not all right for him. Well, I think his better tracks will come later in the season. However, the whole weekend in Argentina we could see him turning his head, hiding his head in his hands and so on. From some of his gestures I felt really sad. I do not want to see him like that. He was P15 in the race and probably he can be happy that it was at least for 1 point. And also, I think that the track conditions didn’t favour him. I keep my fingers crossed for him that everything will be better soon.

Oh god, I just want them all to do well and be happy.

If I should write a name of one rider who I am extremely sorry for, then it’s Dani Pedrosa. He simply can’t have a single season without any injury. Immediately after the crash I was scared he could be injured. I was afraid of the collarbone or shoulder injury. Now we already know that he has broken his right wrist and yesterday underwent a surgery. I keep my fingers crossed for him and wish him all the best.

And the best moment of the race? For me it was this one. Jack Miller and Aki Ajo hugging each other. My heart has melted.


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  1. RVee from Tweeter says:

    Hi Monika, Such good analysis of the race ! this is an interesting women look ;-)


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